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Wobble chairs, bouncy balls let students wiggle while they work

Have you heard of flexible seating? Kids in this classroom don’t sit in normal school chairs. They use wobble seats, stability balls, floor pillows, or lie on their stomachs on plush bath mats. The idea is that kids learn better when they are able to move. Though the effects of wobble seats in the classroom have yet to be investigated, …

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The 10 Best Benefits Of Sensory Swings

The 10 Best Benefits of Sensory Swings

Through the years, swings are one of the most popular play equipment for children. Swinging in the backyard, on the playground, or at the park gives a different level of excitement or relaxation for these young individuals. Actually, swings are very common in occupational therapy facilities because of its ability to address issues related to vestibular sensory system. This major …

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