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12 Tricks to Make This Halloween a Treat

Some kiddos need a little extra support while trick-or-treating. Whether you are a caregiver or a neighbor, you can do your part to ensure the night goes smoothly and enjoyably for all. Be sure to check out the downloadable social story and the shareable flyer! For caregivers Write a schedule to outline what the night will look like. This will help …

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7 Tips for Crossing the Midline

Maybe you have heard the phrase “crossing the midline” from your child’s OT. Maybe it is a totally alien concept to you. What does it mean? If you were to draw an imaginary line down the center of your body, from head to toe, that would be the midline. Crossing the midline involves moving part of the body, such as …

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13 Fall Sensory Activities

Fall is here! The leaves change colors, the air gets cooler, those fall aromas fill the air. Bite into a crisp apple. Carve into a pumpkin and dig out the seeds. Feel the fallen leaves crunch under your feet. Smell and taste the cider and spice. This wonderful season brings many exciting sensory experiences. Click the link below to find fabulous …

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Heavily Decorated Classrooms Disrupt Attention and Learning In Young Children

Teachers spend lots of time and money decorating their classrooms. But could busier classroom decor contribute to poorer attention and learning in young children? A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University suggests that this may be the case. However, there is no need for completely blank classroom walls. One of the study’s authors, Anna V. Fisher, said, “…instead of removing all …

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