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Calm Down Kit For Kids What To Put In A Calm Down Box For Anxious Kids Free Printable List Square 1

Calm Down Kits (For Kids)

We often get the question: “What can I put in a calm down kit”? Click HERE┬áto download essential items for anxious kids. – Kristen

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Photograph of children playing outside.

Is Time on the Playground More Important Than Time in the Classroom?

I have been preaching this for years…..movement is like a drug. This article from Sunny Skyz via NPR makes a compelling argument. ~ Kristen Masci

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The New Joy of Coloring

The Joy of Coloring

Parents, have you ever found yourself coloring in your child’s coloring book and felt yourself travel into a state of ZEN? I had a college roommate that had a stack of coloring books and crayons. It seemed weird in 1994, but after reading this article by Hillari Dowdle it makes sense. My rising 6th grader and her friends have been …

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Vision Problem or Learning Disability?

We OTs often screen for vision issues during our evaluations. Read this nice summary by Hailey Reissman of what vision really is and how common problems in children might actually suggest a bigger vision problem. ~ Kristen Masci

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Toddler Biting: What To Do When It Happens To You

What parent has not experienced a biting issue? This can be challenging to deal with because it’s part of development and exploration, but if it continues there can be several underlying reasons as to why it might be occurring. This article by Happy Hooligans is great for all parents of all young children. ~ Kristen Masci

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