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APRIL is OT Month!!!


April is a special month for all Occupational Therapists and OT Providers in the country. We recognize their efforts to provide necessary intervention and activities to facilitate better functionality and body training in various setting. When a certain medical condition, injury, diagnosis, or situation seems to challenge our skills and daily routine, Occupational Therapy serves as the “great catapult” that permits sound transition, rehabilitation, and education. And just like other medical professionals, OTs are active proponents of a healthy lifestyle sincerely helping the nation promote & maintain a good way of living. 

If you know an Occupational Therapist, OTA, or OT student, make time to acknowledge their great contribution to the patients, families, and the community. A simple “Thank You” goes a long way!  Be creative, if you must… (e.g. send a card; write a note; use #OccupationalTherapyMonth to share on social media, if you have one; etc.)

– Kristen