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01 Activities To Improve Fine Motor Skills For Toddlers Putty 495359402 Sasiistock

Fine Motor Skills Activities for Toddlers

Check out these fun activities to enhance your child’s fine motor skills. – Kristen

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Why Kids Need Recess

Kids need “fuel” to keep them going – especially in school. This article explains why kids need recess and its benefits. – Kristen

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Playing outdoors and peer relations

Some studies show that kids playing outdoors often facilitate better interaction and connection with others. Read article below to know more. – Kristen

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Picky eaters… Picky habits…

As we begin our work with the child to address feeding difficulties due to “picky” habits, we find that parents sometimes have their own restrictive eating habits too. – Kristen

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Holiday Help For Kids With SPD 1

Help SPD Kids over the Holidays (Tips for Sensory Processing Disorder)

This is great advice for parents of children with SPD over the holidays. Routine is very important! – Kristen

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Cognitive Development in Toddlers

Various factors impact the cognitive development and skills of a child. Click here to learn more about significant points in a toddler’s cognition and thought process. – Kristen

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Alternative Seating For The Classroom Infographic Resize 1

Alternative Seating for the Classroom

Help kids concentrate in class… Read the link below to learn more about modifying classroom seating. – Kristen

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Dyslexia GOLD – A way to improve child’s reading skills

Make “Reading” a daily habit… – Kristen

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Kids on Tantrums

Children having a fit, in a bad mood, or seemingly hysterical could be so frustrating sometimes… So, here are some practical ways to help ‘control the uncontrollable’… – Kristen

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Calm Down Parents E1481252476406

Calm Down Plan (For Parents)

Breathe… Chill… Relax… – Kristen

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