Getting Started

Referral Process

The new referral process typically begins with a phone conversation to discuss concerns you might have about your child.
Next, we will have you complete several forms describing your child’s developmental history as well as specific questions related to motor skill development and sensory processing. This will also include several forms outlining our business policies. These forms must be given to us in advance (by email or fax) as specified. (Please note: Insurance Verification of Benefits must be submitted within 48 hours of scheduling an appointment to SOTH. Intake questionnaires must be turned in ONE WEEK prior to scheduled appointment.)
A formal evaluation will be scheduled with your child which will include standardized testing and clinical observations made during unstructured and structured activities.
Following the evaluation, questionnaires must be returned by the parent and/or teacher to the therapist for inclusion in the Evaluation Report.
Following the evaluation, the therapist will score and interpret evaluation results and then write a detailed report explaining specific deficits identified and recommendations.
Caregivers will meet to discuss the evaluation results with the therapist. Specific focus is placed on educating parents about how the child’s areas of weakness impact performance in daily life as well and how occupational therapy, if recommended, will improve functional performance.
If therapy is recommended, the therapist and caregivers will work to develop a therapy plan to meet the needs of the child. Specific therapy goals are developed by the therapist, with input from the caregivers, in order to guide therapy and help measure progress.