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Help Your Child Sit Still at School

Previously, we featured an article about common reasons why some children cannot seem to sit still in class. Today, we will share some tips to address this issue. Getting a student’s attention, engaging them in daily lessons, and making them receptive to learning could be very frustrating for teachers at times. Having students who seem restless, fidgety, moves constantly, and cannot remain seated exacerbate the situation almost certainly. As OTs, we often collaborate with school teachers and paraeducators to help resolve some of these problems using various intervention and techniques. We make recommendations and discuss effective strategies to best manage students and keep them sit still from beginning to end of each class activity. Proper classroom setting, table & chair arrangement, use of supplementary aids like therapy ball, seat cushion, and foot rest are few techniques that could assist the students maintain good concentration and self-regulation in class.

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Five Ways to Help Your Child Sit Still at School

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– Kristen