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IEP or 504 Plan?

Eligibility for services in school and community has always been a very popular discussion and argument. While leaders in our country continue to seek ways to provide the best and appropriate services for the special education, debates regarding qualifications and requirements for various programs are still ongoing. Free trainings, seminars, and informal classes are some avenues that promote education and increase public awareness are very helpful tools for parents and families of kids with special needs. Yet, some people are still confused about the two most prominent programs for individuals with special needs or disabilities – IEP and Section 504 Plan. Although both IEP and 504 Plans unequivocally influence the academic performance and social learning of individuals in school, they have distinctive features as well as advantages and disadvantages. There are set of rules, procedures, and essential factors specific for each program or category.

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IEP or 504 Plan?

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