Fine Motor Kits

Fine Motor Kits


These exclusive kits feature an assortment of toys and tools, hand-selected by our occupational therapists from Skills on the Hill, that help build children’s fine motor skills!

Fine motor skills can be defined as the coordination of small muscle movements of the fingers, typically coordinated with the eyes. These skills involve small muscles that enable functions such as handwriting, grasping small objects, and fastening buttons on clothing.

The “Hand Olympics” fine motor kits were developed with the objective to increase the muscle strength in the hands and fingers, as well as integrate appropriate development of bilateral integration skills.


As your child explores with these “tools”, you will notice a

difference in their hand strength. It will help them

independently perform every day tasks such as handwriting,

eating, buttoning, turning pages in a book, and tying their shoes.



These fine motor kits can be purchased at Skills on the Hill

for $25.00 per kit.


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