Skills on the Hill is excited to incorporate Timocco, an interactive, motion based computer game for children with difficulties in motor control and cognitive skills, into our therapeutic appointments where appropriate. 

Core Benefits

As part of an occupational therapy or physiotherapy treatment, the Growing with Timocco’s interactive games improve motor and cognitive skills in a fun, safe, and non-violent gaming environment, and adapts to each child’s special needs. The Timocco Professional Editions allow therapists or teachers to easily adjust features such as the number of stimuli, the duration of the task, speed, appearance of distracters, difficulty levels and other parameters. Therefore, it can be used as a treatment tool that enables the therapist to adapt the game to the child’s developmental stage, its specific needs and pace of progress. The Extended Pro edition creates a database for all the patients to record their game settings and performance progress. All data, including numbers of errors, number of hits, path of motion, number of midline crossing and other relevant data unique for each game, is gathered and available for the therapist on the Timocco server for supervision and analysis of the results.

Developed by experts in the field of child development

Reflecting the latest developments in the fields of child development and rehabilitation Growing with Timocco was developed in close collaboration with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and child psychologists. Extensive field work, conducted for over a year, allowed children to experience the “Growing with Timocco” innovative technology as part of physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions. A diverse population participated, ranging from ages two to eight, with a wide range of motor and cognitive abilities including children with CP, ADHD, DCD, PDD, brain injuries, genetic syndromes, as well as learning disabilities and developmental delays.

Applied in leading children’s development and rehabilitation programs

Benefiting children in clinics, kindergartens and schools worldwide Therapists around the globe have found Growing with Timocco to be an invaluable tool in aiding children with poor body awareness, difficulties with motor control and any other physical or cognitive disability. As part of occupational therapy or physiotherapy treatment, the child’s motor and cognitive skills can be improved by focusing on bilateral coordination, cross midline maturation, eye-hand coordination, posture and more.

Total immersion in an interactive experience

Integrating the latest in body motion tracking technology To play, the child simply slips on a pair of coloured sphere gloves and the accurate location of their hands is established by tracking controllers. In some games, the child’s hands actually control Timocco’s hands, creating a positive and friendly virtual immersion experience. While in other games the child helps Timocco achieves his tasks by operating tools like brushes or pins.

An engaging platform for motivation and success

Identifying with the game and persisting in the activity Extensive research supports the Growing with Timocco premise that children learn best with games that increase attention and motivation. Unlike repetitive exercises that quickly become boring, children enjoy activating Timocco within different virtual environments, captivated by their own ability to control his movements. Adapted to suit young learners, Timocco’s positive feedback encourages children and spurs them on, free from frustration. Even when tasks are not completely fulfilled at first, the child’s sense of success is a key motivator to practice the newly acquired skills over and over again.

Adapted to suit every child’s specific therapy needs

Adjusting every game, as well as analyzing progress and results The supervision and analysis system allows therapists to optimise the therapeutic outcome of every session for the individual child. Each games focuses on a set of abilities, and the program intensity, settings and difficulty level can all be adjusted to enhance a specific skill-set. Game settings and the child’s performance results (including the number of errors, hits and path of motion) can be stored on the internet or local network. Displayed in charts and graphs, results can be analyzed at any time to demonstrate the child’s progress, in different categories, over time.





*Information and images taken directly from Timocco’s website. Please visit  http://www.timocco.com/ for more information, or to purchase Timocco to continue therapy at home.