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Is It Behavior Or Sensory Processing Square

Is it Behavior or Sensory Processing?

Some people are often confused about their child’s action and behavior. For instance, they could throw a fit for no reason. There may be times when kids exhibit an odd behavior or visible signs of discomfort when they see, hear, smell, feel, or taste something unpleasant. Past experiences could determine potential thoughts and actions as well. Though it is greatly influenced by an individual’s brain development, one’s performance, functioning, or conduct could be triggered by many factors. Experts viewed such manifestations as either behavioral or sensory processing in nature. Yet, how do we differentiate the two? While it is possible that children respond to situations based on some behavioral issues, their reactions could also stem from a problem inside their body related to perception of senses.

Read this very informative article that explains the distinguishing features of a behavior and sensory processing deficits. It also discusses good strategies to manage and cope with a child’s unpredictable behavior or similar problems.

Is it Behavior or Sensory Processing?

(Credits to Growing Hands on Kids)

– Kristen