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Teach Your Child How to Make Friends

While some children are still enjoying the summer heat and vacation, some schools have finally opened their gates for new and old students. There are children who are just so enthusiastic to wear their “student hats” again. Meeting old friends and making new relationships simply thrills them. However, there are some individuals who are relatively anxious to go to school because of the same reasons. They are quite worried about their social life within the school environment. These children are simply clueless about the dynamics of friendship.

In reality, most parents are actually more concerned about their child’s social skills or level of socialization. “Will my child be accepted in her class/school?”, “Is my child going to “make or lose more friends this year?”, “Is there a way to make my child more outgoing or sociable?... These are just some common thoughts parents have particularly before the school commences. We say that instead of stressing yourself about your child’s social skills, teach strategies and demonstrate to your child helpful ways to improve socialization in order to gain friends. Besides, this is an extremely critical stage of their cognitive development you want to build as early as possible.

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Teach Your Child How to Make Friends

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– Kristen