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Vision Therapy

The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Normal eyesight, optics, and range of view dictates the perception, cognitive ability, quality of movement, and good functionality of a person. When sensorimotor problems affect one’s vision, poor mental processing or weak execution of actions are evident. Over the years, researchers and health practitioners worked towards finding another alternative to correct vision apart from wearing prescribed glasses or undergoing an eye surgery.

Vision Therapy (aka Vision / Visual Training) is a non-invasive, therapeutic intervention that incorporates a set of visual activities tailored-fit to an individual with visual problems. It can treat several vision problems like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), some binocular vision or movement disorders, and other related eye problems that causes eye strain or fatigue.  Visual Therapy is believed to be effective in correcting vision and maximizing visual acuity. It is also known to promote efficient reading and learning skills among school-aged children.

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Vision Therapy

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