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What is a “Sensory diet”?

Do you want your child’s behavior to get into an “okay” state? Try a SENSORY DIET. A sensory diet is not related with food nor a special ingredient to add in your child’s meal. It is actually a unique, set of physical activities carefully designed to meet a child’s specific sensory needs in a particular time. Sensory diets, typically developed by occupational therapists, helps children to recognize, balance, or control their behaviors and body mechanics in response to a given situation, in a very calm and appropriate manner possible. These routine activities promote self-regulation, self-awareness, attention, social skills, and learning skills. Sensory diets are often incorporated in a sensory integration (SI) therapy, and can be exercised or performed at home and in school with close supervision.

Below is an article about the benefits of a sensory diet that will make your child behave just right.

What is a Sensory Diet?

(Credits to The OT Toolbox)

– Kristen